How We Work


The Secretariat of the Socialist International Women is based in London, United Kingdom, and shares its premises with the Socialist International. The Secretariat deals with the administration of the organisation and with the preparations of the Council meetings, Regional meetings and Congress. The Secretariat also deals with political matters related to its member organisations.


The Congress is the highest body of the Socialist International Women and usually convenes every three years. The last Congress took place in Madrid, Spain, in November 2022. At the Congress delegates of the member organisations decide on the main political issues and elect the Executive Committee.


Delegates of each member organisation have the right to attend the Council meetings. At each Council delegates discuss a particular theme which is relevant to the host organisation. Declarations and resolutions are also adopted at the Council meetings.

Regional meetings

The member organisations of the Socialist International Women are divided into 9 regions. Two regional meetings take place each year in order to discuss issues that are relevant to a particular region.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of a President, a Secretary General and 9 Vice-Presidents. The Executive Committee meets four times a year to deal with political matters and to select the themes for discussion at the Council and Regional meetings.

Other meetings

The Socialist International Women also organises other events, conferences and seminars on an ad hoc basis.