Cooperation between women for a lasting peace in the Mediterranean

Rabat, Morocco, 15 July 2000

Rabat Declaration

Socialist International Women (SIW):

convinced of the crucial role women must play in the strengthening and establishment of a lasting peace in the world in general and in the Euro-Mediterranean region in particular;

aware that this decisive role can be fully significant only by combining the rule of law, democracy and the equality of rights between men and women;

underlining the principle of solidarity which is one of the fundamental principles of SIW;

noting that this meeting is being held in international circumstances marked by the challenges imposed by globalisation and the globalisation of the economy;


  • its concern at the heightened risks of the divide between the two Mediterranean coasts and their consequences in terms of marginalisation, impoverishment and deterioration in social conditions, particularly for women;
  • its support for the struggles led by women in the region, for the establishment of sustainable development and for the full and complete enjoyment of fundamental human rights, of which those of women constitute an integral part, all the more so because they represent more than half of the world population;
  • its commitment to play an active part in maintaining peace, in conflict prevention and in the construction of a culture of peace at a regional and international level;
  • its determination to revitalise the euro-mediterranean process through the implementation of the Barcelona declaration which provides for policies and homogenous and integrated programmes and which renders equality of opportunity imperative for the development of the region;

Takes this opportunity to launch an urgent appeal:

  • to member parties of the Socialist International, to put in place adequate mechanisms to implement the principle of quota as positive discrimination to allow a greater representation of women in decision-making positions;
  • to EU member countries to translate into concrete and immediate action the principles of the Barcelona declaration, giving particular attention to the participation and integration of women in development;
  • to all active movements which hold dear peace and liberty, to step up their mobilisation for an interdependent world economy, for the free movement of people, for equitable social development and against all forms of discrimination and violence towards women.

SIW thanks the National Women's Secretariat of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) and the party leadership for the excellent organisation of this meeting.

SIW pays tribute to the women of Morocco in their daily struggle for the strengthening and promotion of their position.

Finally, SIW salutes the militant action and the unfailing commitment of the First Secretary of the USFP of Morocco, comrade Abderrahmane Youssoufi in support of the promotion of Moroccan women.



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