Managua, Nicaragua, 23 September 2006

List of Participants

Socialist International Women Pia Locatelli
Marlène Haas

Full member organisations

Women's Seretariat Silvia Augsburger
Socialist Party , PS
Austrian Social Democratic Women Maria Jonas
Social Democratic Party of Austria , SPÖ
Union of Socialist Women for Parity and Solidarity Nadya Radeva
Bulgarian Socialist Party , BSP
Participation of Women Committee Dawn Black
New Democratic Party, NDP/NPD
Union of Socialist Women of Chile Carmen Gloria Allende
Socialist Party of Chile, PS
Liberal Party of Colombia , PLC Griselda Janeth Restrepo
Lorenza Santos
Jasmer Ramos García
Dominican Federation of Social Democratic Women, FEDOMUSDE Silvia García
Dominican Revolutionary Party, PRD
Women's Commission Jessie Benoît
Union of Haitian Social Democrats
National Women's Organisation , ONMPRI Esthela Ponce Beltrán
Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI Lourdes Quiñones Canales
Irma García Lázaro
Women's Commission Margarita Zapata
Sandinista National Liberation Front , FSLN Gladys Báez
Emilia Torres
National Committee of Febrerista Women Josefina Duarte
Revolutionary Febrerista Party , PRF
Secretariat for Equality Maribel Montaño
Spanish Socialist Worker's Party, PSOE Silvia Morata


Women's Commission, Norma Castellón
Sandinista National Liberation Front , FSLN Elean Jarquin
  Azucena Obando
Maria Isabel Maltez
Ernestina Navarro
Arellys Urbina
Luz Marina Arauz
Martha Chavarría
Rosa Olivares
Martha Cecilia Quesada
Osmara Rodríguez
Alba Plaviccini
Doris García
Daysi Trejos
Maria Lourdes Bolaños
Mayra Argeñal
Isabel Arauz
Yolanda Areas
Meyling Calero
Lliam Alfaro
Maria Elsa Sandoval
Mercedes Sandoval
Ricardo Mendoza
Xiomara Gutierrez
Eveling Martínez
Alba Valle
Alyeri Hernandez S.
Rosa A. Barahona
Vilma De La Rocha
Sonia Maria Guilen
Mayra Robles
Lola Esquivel
Urania Palacios
Miriam Vargas
Martha Berrotanes
Carmen González
Conny Ruiz
Elba Ortiz
Edelma Ramirez
Mirna Vanegas
Hugette Vega
Emilia Unama
Ileana González
Modesta Cáceres
Maria de jesus Pérez
Miriam Reyes
Aurora Meza
Rita Fletes
Uxiliadora Mora
Ada Luz Maltez
Morelia Rodriguez


Daniel Ortega
Tomas Borge
Edwin Castro
Samuel Santos
Dionisio Marenco
José Pasos
SIW Secretariat
  Julia González



Nobel Peace Prize 2018

05 October 2018

The Socialist International Women (SIW) would like to warmly congratulate the Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad on winning the 2018 Nobel peace prize for their work on combating sexual violence...

Obituary - Maria Jonas

01 February 1940 - 25 September 2018

We were deeply saddened to hear today that our comrade and friend Maria Jonas, former Secretary General of Socialist International Women, has died at the age of 78 years...

Coucil Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland, 28 and 29 June 2018

For a World 50-50 in 2030 – The Great Challenges

Socialist International Women denounces brutal attacks on Palestinian demonstrators

17 May 2018

The Socialist International Women strongly denounces the use of lethal fire by Israeli military forces against Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza on Sunday 14 May 2018...

Connecting Rural Women – E-Development and Rural Women's Empowerment

16 March 2018

62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), United Nations, New York, from 12 to 23 March 2018

Side Event hosted by the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN; the Mongolian People’s Party; Socialist International Women(SIW) and PES Women

Empowering Rural Women: Granting Universal Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

15 March 2018

62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), United Nations, New York, from 12 to 23 March 2018

Parallel Event hosted by the Socialist International Women (SIW), PES Women and Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

International Women's Day Declaration

08 March 2018

In solidarity and recognition of the immense societal, economic and political achievements of women and girls worldwide Socialist International Women is proud to support International Women’s Day (IWD) 2018...

Statement on Unilateral Decision by the United States of America to Recognise Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

07 December 2017

The Socialist International Women (SIW) disapproves the decision of President Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the US embassy there from Tel Aviv...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25 November 2017

Socialist International Women affirms its support for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women as an opportunity to focus on the continuing suffering and oppression of women and girls worldwide, and the vital roles that governments and individuals have in creating positive change...

Council Meeting

Barcelona, Spain, 21 and 22 November 2017

Democracy in Crisis, Populism on the Rise - Where do Women's Rights fit in?

Council Meeting

United Nations, New York, 14 July 2017

Rural Areas, Media and ICT - New Challenges and More Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment

In Memory of Carmen Chacón

13 March 1971 - 09 April 2017

The Socialist International Women was deeply saddened to receive the news of the death of Carmen Chacón on 09 April 2017 at the age of 46 years...

Council Meeting and XXI Congress

25 - 27 February 2017

Gender Inequality in the World Today – Understanding the New Challenges and Ending Gender Inequality by 2030


The First Hundred Years

A Short History of Socialist International Women

By Irmtraut Karlsson

This book tells the history of the first one hundred years of the Socialist International Women