Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, 14-15 November 2008

List of Participants

Socialist International Women Pia Locatelli
Marlène Haas

Full member organisations

Organisation of Angolan Women, OMA Adélia Pires de Carvalho
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, MPLA Alice Paulina Dombolo
Women's Committee Maria Titizian
ARF Armenian Socialist Party Anahit Stepanian
Austrian Social Democratic Women Bettina Stadlbauer
Social Democratic Party of Austria, SPÖ Maria Jonas
Labour Women Action, AMT Miguelina Vecchio
Democratic Labour Party, PDT
Women's Organisation Lorenza Santos Barbosa
Liberal Party of Colombia, PLC Griselda Janeth Restrepo
Karmen Peña
Women's Organisation of the Côte d'Ivoire Marie Odette Lorougnon
Popular Front, OFFPI Hué Lou Simone
Côte d'Ivoire Popular Front, FPI
CPDS Women's Organisation Epifania Avomo Biko
Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS
Social Democratic Women in Finland Merja-Hannele Vuohelainen
Finnish Social Democratic Party, SDP
Women's Department Antigoni Karali-Dimitriadi
Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK
Secretariat for Gender Equality Martha Dalia Gastélum
Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD Hortensia Aragón
Nallely Hernández
Zaida Arias
Hilda Sánchez
National Women's Organisation, ONMPRI Beatriz Paredes
Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI Lourdes Quiñones
Esthela Ponce
Patricia Retamoza
Yolanda Rodríguez
Norwegian Labour Party Women Lise Christoffersen
Norwegian Labour Party, DNA
Women's Wing Fozia Behram
Pakistan People's Party, PPP
National Department of Socialist Women Maria Manuela Augusto
Socialist Party, PS
Secretariat for Equality Maribel Montaño
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, PSOE Soledad Cabezon
Candela Mora

Consultative member organisations

Ukrainian Roses Svitlana Kniazieva
Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, SDPU

Observer member organisations

A Just Russia Party Alla Kuzmina
Marina Dobrovolskaya
Marina Sazonova
National Union of Saharawi Women, UNMS Fatma el Mehdi
Polisario Front  

Guest organisations

Zapata Foundation Margarita Zapata
Ginette González
SIW Secretariat
  Janice Flower
Julia González




Statement on Unilateral Decision by the United States of America to Recognise Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

07 December 2017

The Socialist International Women (SIW) disapproves the decision of President Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the US embassy there from Tel Aviv...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25 November 2017

Socialist International Women affirms its support for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women as an opportunity to focus on the continuing suffering and oppression of women and girls worldwide, and the vital roles that governments and individuals have in creating positive change...

Council Meeting

Barcelona, Spain, 21 and 22 November 2017

Democracy in Crisis, Populism on the Rise - Where do Women's Rights fit in?

Council Meeting

United Nations, New York, 14 July 2017

Rural Areas, Media and ICT - New Challenges and More Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment

In Memory of Carmen Chacón

13 March 1971 - 09 April 2017

The Socialist International Women was deeply saddened to receive the news of the death of Carmen Chacón on 09 April 2017 at the age of 46 years...

Council Meeting and XXI Congress

25 - 27 February 2017

Gender Inequality in the World Today – Understanding the New Challenges and Ending Gender Inequality by 2030

UN Climate Change Conference 2016

Conference of the Parties (COP22), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Marrakech, Morroco, 07 to 18 November 2016

Parallel event hosted by the Socialist International Women (SIW), the Forum of the African Women Post 2015 and Jossour Forum of the Moroccan Women, Bab Ighli Site, Green Zone, 14 November 2016

Former SI President António Guterres to become next UN Secretary General

06 October 2016

The Socialist International Women (SIW) would like to congratulate António Guterres on being chosen as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Council Meeting

28 and 29 June 2016

The UN Sustainable Development Goals – Gender Sensitive Budgeting and Climate Change


The First Hundred Years

A Short History of Socialist International Women

By Irmtraut Karlsson

This book tells the history of the first one hundred years of the Socialist International Women